It has been quite some time since I’ve sat down to write an editor’s page for you loyal aquatulle readers. This session is riddled with mixed emotions in light of recent events. Being a resident of New York City became a true tale of life imitating art. While I don’t want to reiterate all of the news items that has affected this nation in the past few months, I do want to remember all of those we have lost in the tragedy. Aquatulle’s first intention was to dedicate this issue to the legendary Joey Ramone. When September 11 stunned us beyond any definition, we realized that after a few months of hibernation, we had to stare fear in the face. Issue ‘5 Alive’ now takes on more meaning that it had intended in the beginning. We shifted into first gear when fueled with the fact that we needed a state of normalcy and familiarity. The best way the aquatulle staff could do that was to think of happier moments and reflect on a time where the only thing you had to fear on the streets of New York was your local pickpocket.

Our gift to both you and us, was to finally publish our latest issue against the odds and during uncertain times. The goal of this issue is to entertain, have a good laugh and remember some moments in time that were a lot simpler. I am proud to say that one of my original interviews with Richard Page of Mr. Mister from issue two, was turned into a story dedicated to my friend Mary in CMJ a few months ago in the Geek Love column. I want to thank Scott Frampton, the Editor-In-Chief of CMJ for giving me the opportunity to put closure on Mary’s death by publishing her story. I also want to thank all of those that have been supportive of and contributed to aquatulle throughout the years. Without you, the spirit of aquatulle would have faded long ago. The ironic part, is that the ‘80s can now be seen on your local network. Everything from That ‘80s Show to bands like Ladytron, are making sure the decade is alive and kicking.

There are many visual delights in this issue that guarantees to please. Beautiful photography from Roberta Bayley to help remember Joey properly. Also, I’m ecstatic to present the cartoon relief of Ward Sutton’s Schlock and Roll (a coup I’ve been after for years!), the brilliance of Bobby Schayer and Jack Rabid with Capt. Sensible, Andy and Canada’s finest-Martha & The Muffins, Ken and his glamour boys David Sylvian and Steve Severin and Keith’s 911 call with none other than, Andy Summers. Make sure you also check out Simon and Marion’s live photos, aquatulle’s attic, the pop brilliance of Gennifer, Dale, and The Pop Weasel, and Kitty’s memories of Joey’s Birthday Bash. All of our contributors have gone above and beyond to make this issue possible, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Before I end this acceptance speech, I want to give special thanks to our new art director, Dan, who tirelessly stood by me to eat Chinese Food, sing “Ma Baker”, and make sure aquatulle had character. I also want to thank Tower Magazines for finally taking a chance with us as well as all of our advertisers who stood by us. More thanks to my friends at MTV and VH1 who allow me to think outside of the box. Most of all, we want to thank you. Come visit us at and share your thoughts with us.

Be happy, be thankful, and most of all be interesting. Sing your life!

p.s. Joey Ramone now officially has a block named after him and the Ramones are getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. LONG LIVE PUNK!

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